This website has been created in order to encourage discussion about rewilding in Scotland.

Once home to magnificent species such as wolves, lynx and bears, man's destruction of Scotland's ecosystems has created unnatural circumstances.  Other species, such as the wildcat, are critically endangered.  Wild boar, beavers and elk have already been reintroduced to varying degrees.  2011 saw the first birth of an elk calf North of the Great Glen in over 3000 years.

In the absence of apex predators, the deer population is free to expand unhealthily.  To prevent the devastation of our trees, the public are forced to subsidise the mass culling of deer.

The benefits of rewilding are numerous, and we would argue that restoring our land to its natural state is a moral end in itself.

But rewilding is not without its challenges.  

The human population has exploded since we were last able to peacefully co-exist with many species.

There is an obvious - though we would argue acceptable - risk to livestock.  There are political, legal and logistical obstacles which need to be overcome, too, but some groups have already shown the way forward.

We want to raise public awareness of rewilding in the hope that the people of Scotland will show the passion for which they are rightly famous; to help them connect with nature and, unlike too many generations before them, treasure our land for something other than short-term economic benefit for a tiny number of people.