Human Rewilding

If you thought rewilding was only about bringing back apex species, think again. While some concentrate on the lynx and wolf, beaver or red squirrel, others are asking the question: what about the human animal?

 Tony Riddle, Natural Lifestyle Coach

Tony Riddle, Natural Lifestyle Coach

It is a question asked by Tony Riddle, a man now being courted by the Sunday supplements. As a life coach, Tony has seen first-hand the harmful effects of our modern sedentary lifestyle on the human body. He spent 18 years working out how to reverse these effects by ‘rewilding’ the human.  Now he advocates getting rid of your desk, sitting on the floor while using computers, learning to squat. He rises and goes to bed with the sun. He spends as much time as he can in nature and natural surroundings, he learns from other animals how to move, and now he runs workshops for others based on these principles.

These techniques, he claims, can reduce tiredness, increase physical well being and even overcome depression. Who hasn’t felt their mood lifted by a walk through a forest or an afternoon at the beach? Nature calls us all back to our rightful home. In our constricted daily lives we keep ourselves in a series of boxes, a box for a house, a box within a larger box for an office, a box on wheels to get around. Many of us forget that what nourishes us is the very thing that makes us leave our boxes and enter into the wild, if only for a moment, to hear the rustle of leaves, feel the warm sun on our faces, or let the cold wind blow away our overheated thoughts.

Tony overhauls every part of us from how we sleep, and how we move around, to how we play, bringing each part back to natural behaviours that the human animal spent eons perfecting only to have those behaviours and the health they supported sabotaged by the many ‘conveniences’ of modern living.

Here he is talking about a radical new (or rather, ancient) approach to posture:

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