A Wolf called Romeo

We came across this magical story about a wild wolf who befriended an Alaskan community and gained their trust.  An extraordinarily rare event, even in Alaska, is to encounter any wolf, let alone one who returns again and again solely, it seems, to play with domestic dogs and their humans.

The whole story can be found in A Wolf Called Romeo, by Nick Jans, a story that charts the history from the wolf's first encounter with the author and his family, to the growing bond that flourished over a period of years between Romeo and the wider community of Juneau, Alaska.

A story which begins, 'I was taking my usual afternoon ski on Mendenhall Lake...' gives an insight not only into the wolf but also a slice of life in the Alaskan wilderness.

It teaches us about a wolf's innate intelligence and his instinctive social behaviours. Or is Romeo a strange exception? You decide...